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Project Euler Problem 37 Solution in TSQL

This is a solution for Project Euler Problem 37. It makes uses of a temporary table called #atkin which is populated with prime numbers using the TSQL routine that uses the Sieve of Atkin, which is also located on this site.

Easy! There are, however, a couple of deliberate errors, that can be easily located with some patience. I don?t want to make things to easy for you little scamps, do I?

process the prime number list

the number we are examining can't be single digits or contain zeros
drop table #candidates
select num
into #candidates
from #atkin
where charindex('0', cast(num as varchar)) = 0

declare @ctr as integer
declare @del as integer

set @ctr = 1
set @del = 0

delete from the candidate list any number that doesn't have a
shorter counterpart in the list of prime numbers, increasing
the string size by 1 with every loop, and bailing out of when
we stop deleting things
while (@del > 0)


delete from #candidates
from #candidates c1
left outer join #atkin a1
on left(c1.num,@ctr) = a1.num
left outer join #atkin a2
on right(c1.num,@ctr) = a2.num
where a1.num is null
or a2.num is not null

set @del = @@rowCount
set @ctr = @ctr + 1


output the answer
select sum(num)
from #candidates
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