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Notepad++ Emmet jQuery Template

Here's a little addition I've made for the excellent Notepad++ plugin Emmet. It's a shortcut that creates a HTML5 template with a link to jQuery "jquery-2.1.3.min.js" and a "$(document).ready" function, as shown below.


It's straightforwards to do, and requires three additions to Emmet's "snippets.json" file, that is located in the Notepad++ direction "\plugins\EmmetNPP\emmet\".

Addition 1, to?the section "snippets", a child of "html":

"jqdocready": "\\$(document).ready(function() {\n\n});"

Additions 2 and 3, to?the section "abbreviations", a child of "html":



In situ, the three additions look like this:




Obviously, make changes at your own risk, but if done correctly, this will work. Cheers m'dears,

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