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A birthday meal at La Tascas

My girlfriend and I took my mother for a birthday meal tonight at the Didsbury branch of La Tascas. The food was good, but the place was busy and there were long delays between the courses that left us irritable and snappy with the staff.

As we left my girlfriend asked me to steal the long spoons we ate the desserts with, as she'd taken a liking to them. I wiped them clean and pocketed them, a man on the table opposite to us grinned at me and belched loudly and said in a very loud, drunk voice "don't worry, I won't tell no-one".

I don't think the staff really cared either way.

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Hospital Life

I work in a hospital and when I leave I take a short through the Plaza, a collection of shops and cafes for patients and visitors, and regularly experience some kind of medical oddity.

On this occasion I ambled past a man and a woman sat at a table, the man's head and left arm were bandaged and over his left eye was a large, square sticking plaster. He leaned forwards to his companion, pointed at his covered eye with a bandaged hand and said in slurred voice "Here, where there is an eye, now there is no longer not an eye".

He must have been concussed.

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A text I received from my phone company Orange:

"Hi from Orange. We've reviewed your phone usage and the great news is you are already on the best plan so there's nothing for you to do."

What's the point?

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All day breakfast

T, who I share an office with, suddenly stood up and announced to no-one in particular that her partner had phoned to tell her he was eating an all day breakfast on a ciabbata. This happened at 13:53.

I don't know why I found this irritating.

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