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iPlayer Automator – download BBC iPlayer programs

Currently, Get iPlayer Automator allows you to download and watch BBC & ITV shows on your Mac. Series-Link/PVR functionality ensures you will never miss your favourite shows. Programmes are fully tagged and added to iTunes automatically upon completion. It is simple and easy to use, and runs on any machine running Mac OS X 10.6 or later.




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Your App?s Website Sucks

An insightful, if somewhat cynical look at how not too design a website which accompanies your App Store app.

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Clone your XP/Vista bootcamp partition

With WinClone which you can find here.

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Mac: download google books

By using this splendid application.

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MacBook Pro Battery Life Tips

Save your battery life by taking at look at GiantMike.com's helpful article.

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Do you think Mac Time Capsule hourly backups are a little excessive?

Change the frequency of Time Capsule backup by editing the following le with your text editor of choice


And looking for the section


The value 3600 specifies the backup interval in seconds (i.e. 1 hour). Change this value to whatever you see fit - I have changed it to 14400 (or 4 hours).

Needless to say, proceed with caution when editing you Mac's system settings, and if you do mess up it's nothing to do with me, right?

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iPlayer Grabber, the iPlayer downloader for Mac OS X

iPlayer Grabber is a freeware application based on opensource technology for downloading programs from the BBC's iPlayer on Mac OS X.

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I was rather surprised to see this when browsing my new Time Capsule…..


I didn't know that the Time Capsule even had an arse, let alone a enough of them to warrant a? bundle....

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View CHM files on your Mac

The application ICHM does the job admirably, it has a cute logo and you can find it here.

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Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast v1.2

Mac users: convert your mp3 tracks into podcasts. Splendid.

If you're asking why, you don't need it.

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