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A counterblast to Apple nerds

I came across this comment on t'internet earlier today. It sums up how I feel about Apple nerds (of which I am one).

It is interesting that so many people think "hackers" and those of us who visit websites like this are the norm. Most people don't give a rat's ass about Mac rumors, whether they can load 3rd party apps on their iPod touch/iPhone or if it plays doom 🙂 The "average" consumer uses a product in the way in which it comes out of the box. They don't mod it or hack it or crack open the case to add a chip that lets them copy games to their xbox. We are a small minority and we need to recognize that Apple, nor hardly any other company, will bow down to our demands because honestly we don't pay their rent. The "average" consumer does.

Apple is a company and it wants to make money. DEAL WITH IT.

They are not evil and they put out a great product.

If you don't like their business practices, please go buy from someone else.

We all need to gain a sense of proportion.

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