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Adventurer – an open source Scott Adams Adventure International Game interpreter written in C#

Adventurer is rather neat GitHub project and is a A C# Intrepreter for Scott Adams adventure games encoded in the ScottFree format and you can find it here:


Currently, it doesn't support Brian Howarth's mysterious advenures (according to the README.MD) but has plans to do so.


JScottFree – a jQuery plugin for playing Scott Adams Adventure games

Do you like Scott Adam's adventure games? If yes, look here:


It's a jQuery plugin that plays the classic Scott Adam's adventure games. It's free to use, play and modify and available on GitHub.


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Have you wanted to do something a little different with your jQuery UI Tabs?

Go here and be enlightened:


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Notepad++ Emmet jQuery Template

Here's a little addition I've made for the excellent Notepad++ plugin Emmet. It's a shortcut that creates a HTML5 template with a link to jQuery "jquery-2.1.3.min.js" and a "$(document).ready" function, as shown below.


It's straightforwards to do, and requires three additions to Emmet's "snippets.json" file, that is located in the Notepad++ direction "\plugins\EmmetNPP\emmet\".

Addition 1, to?the section "snippets", a child of "html":

"jqdocready": "\\$(document).ready(function() {\n\n});"

Additions 2 and 3, to?the section "abbreviations", a child of "html":



In situ, the three additions look like this:




Obviously, make changes at your own risk, but if done correctly, this will work. Cheers m'dears,

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jQuery code hinting in Notepad++

Does what it says on the tin:



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FastStone Capture – Windows Screen Capture Tool

FastStone Capture is a powerful, flexible and intuitive screen-capture utility. It allows you to capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, full screen, rectangle regions, freehand-selected regions and scrolling windows/web pages.


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Simple C# colour picker

Here's a simple C# colour picker I've created. It's derived from a combobox with a simple override on the OnDrawItem() method. It looks like this:


And you can find it over on my GitHub page.

This contains no error handling, and is simple as it can be, so use it and your own peril. It's not going to make your computer explode, but you know what I mean. Any problems, feed etc drop me a line.

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Harry invokes RASHOMON while talking about MALEFICENT!

Harry shows off his impressive ability to skim Wikipedia pages about a movie and then badly compare it to another movie.?http://www.aintitcool.com/node/67505

A noteworthy snippet from his review:

Burton?s ALICE IN WONDERLAND is a bizarre strange marvel ? and I call it a marvel cuz while watching it?? I marvel at how bizarre it was.




Checking the validity of an NHS Number using 1 line of C#

This article is an implementation of the method for checking NHS Number validity, as described in the article:


This is an experiment to reduce the checking method to one line of code, and makes no?attempt at being efficient.?This single line, below, is arranged into 8 lines to make it easier to read.

pNHSNumber.ToCharArray().Where (i=> i>= 48 && i <=57).Count() != 10 ? false :
new List() { pNHSNumber.ToCharArray()
.Where((value, index) => index < 9)
.Select((value, index) => (10 - index) * (value - 48))
.Sum() }
.Select(i=> i % 11)
.Select(i=> (11 - i) == 11 ? 0 : (11-i))
.First() == (pNHSNumber[pNHSNumber.Length - 1] - 48);

It is constructed as follows:

  • Line 1: Checking the string length is 10 and consists only of digits
  • Lines 2 - 5:? Multiply the first nine digits by a weighting factor and sum, storing the?result, a single value, in a generic list.
    • Line 3 : select the first 9 digits of pNHSNumber.ToCharArray()
    • Line 4: Multiply each of the digits by it's weighting - first digit by 10 e.g. (10 - index of 0), second digit by 9 (e.g. 10 minus index of 1) etc
    • Lin 5: sum the values produced by line 4
  • Line 6: Get the remainder of the sum when divided by 11
  • Line 7: Subtract the remainder from 11, and if the resultant value is 11 change to 0
  • Line 8: Test if the check digit is equal to last digit


Wrap up the above in a function:

bool CheckNNHSNumber (pNHSNumber string)
pNHSNumber.ToCharArray().Where (i=> i>= 48 && i <=57).Count() != 10 ? false :
new List() { pNHSNumber.ToCharArray()
.Where((value, index) => index < 9)
.Select((value, index) => (10 - index) * (value - 48))
.Sum() }
.Select(i=> i % 11)
.Select(i=> (11 - i) == 11 ? 0 : (11-i))
.First() == (pNHSNumber[pNHSNumber.Length - 1] - 48);

and call it, thusly:

//valid NHS number

//invalid NHS Number

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Doctor Who missing episode totals by year


The above says it all - the number of episodes of Doctor Who missing by year, the reason for the drop is due to pure look and the dedication of Doctor Who fans in searching for missing episodes.

For more information, go to The Destruction of Time: What Is Missing.

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